Freddi Thalgott from Carver Service in Elsass visits CCPS in Wales

Existing Carver owner and enthusiast Freddi Thalgott from Carver in Elsass made a special trip at the end of February - to visit the Club Carver Parts & Service facility in North Wales. Carver in Elsass is a new business initiative for Freddi - building on his family’s existing 50-years experience as an approved Sales & Service Centre for Citroen, based in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, near Strasbourg in France.

Freddi bought his Carver as a non-working example in early 2016 and spent the next few months on a full refurbishment of the car. With the restoration complete and the Carver back to its former glory, Freddi decided to offer his skills to other Carver owners in Europe - and Carver in Elsass was born. Having learned a great deal about the construction and mechanical operation of the Carver, Freddi was keen to learn even more about the car and especially the availability of spares and technical developments currently on offer from CCPS.

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Jonathan (president of the Carver Owners Club) welcomed Freddi to Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) HQ in Wales. The day started with Nigel from CCPS providing a comprehensive tour of the Carver spares and workshop facilities. And of course, Nigel was more than happy to include his personal collection of three Carvers as part of the tour!

Having seen the extensive “Aladdin’s Cave” of Carver spares on hand, Freddi was then introduced to CCPS senior technician Dewi Jones. What followed was plenty of discussion and examination of numerous Carvers in various states of repair. As part of this session, Dewi explained in detail the procedures involved in the CCPS 100+point inspection – and this knowledge transfer was greatly appreciated by Freddi.

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The special parts and upgrades developed by CCPS were also highlighted and Carver in Elsass will be recommending many of these to its Carver customers in future.

To finish the technical part of the day, Dewi also carried out some special training:
  • Firstly in CCPS’s three wheel alignment procedure – a much simplified approach to this very important operation, but which enables the cars to be setup correctly using standard tracking and alignment tools.
  • Secondly, Freddi was trained in some basic diagnostics and inspection procedures for both the mechanical and hydraulic parts of the DVC system

After the workshop sessions, Nigel and Freddi met to agree the CCPS terms and logistics for supply of parts on behalf of Club members. A commitment to further training on the more technical aspects of the DVC system and in particular setup, fault diagnosis and repair was also formulated. In the meantime CCPS agreed to provide Freddi with ongoing technical support for any specific DVC issues he encountered.

Freddi commented “What a relief to know that CCPS have taken the bull by the horns and have shown such fantastic commitment to the Carver brand. I leave here, not only with much greater knowledge to benefit my customers, but also with a sincere debt of gratitude as a Carver owner."

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Summing up the day, Jonathan said “It is good to know there is a new European facility for Carver servicing and we know that our European Club members will indeed be pleased. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and skills shown by Freddi and the way he understood the Club ethos surrounding supply of spares and technical excellence. And our working relationship begins here - as very good friends”


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For more details on the CCPS 100+point inspection, see here

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