December 2016 Update regarding the new facility for Carver One spares

As you are hopefully aware from Club Carver’s blog/news announcement in November, all the Carver parts held at ACU in Uberherrn, including the test and manufacturing equipment, have now been transported to the UK.

It was no small task to build a new unit to house the Carver One engines, chassis, rear frames, interiors, etc. along with all items in between. Not forgetting to mention the thousands of fixings, screws, nuts and bolts!

inital frame work for the CCPS storage facility completed storage facility outside view of storage facility
It took quite a few wagons and forklifts (including the newly acquired ‘Flexi’ forklift, who wants to be a Carver when he grows up) to undertake the transportation and unloading.
lorry containing carver bodies and parts flexi the storage facility fork lift truck moving carver bodies and parts in to storage facility
But eventually we managed to get it all in, the last truck delivery taking place at the end of October.
view from left hand end of storage facility view from right hand end of storage facility
The mammoth task of unpacking everything has begun in earnest and we are discovering lots about the parts as we unpack and label all the items. The stock is generally in very good condition and the unit is fully insulated to keep it that way.
racking of nuts and bolts racking of assorted parts stacking of Carver Bodies
There are separate storage facilities for bulk and pallet stock plus several bays of racking with smaller box storage for the stock picking area.
build and test rigs for Carvers parts being sorted and stored more racking of parts

even more parts to sort and store long rows of boxes containing parts ladders needed to reach some of the parts
We are still on plan to have everything unpacked and catalogued, to be fully operational by the end of January 2017.
With regards to servicing, CCPS have several owner’s Carvers booked in for repairs and servicing over the winter months and having the stock on-hand means there are no delays in waiting for parts. We will be further enhancing the servicing facilities with the installation of dedicated Carver vehicle lifts, trolleys and test equipment which we also acquired from Uberherrn.
Severn Carvers awaiting servicing
Further bulletins will be forthcoming soon, with information about some of our special parts for upgrades and add-ons, together with technical tips for both owners and service agents. We also hope to run some pricing promotions on selected stock items during 2017.
The Club Carver ethos prevails in all that we do and our mission to get as many Carvers as possible in full tilt-tastic operation continues. The CCPS launch has already generated some interest from potential new owners and in conjunction with the Owners Club (CVR-OC) we hope to maintain a buyers and sellers register in the near future.

If you need any further information please contact us via the contact page.

Watch out for more updates coming in 2017, including an expanding range of Special Parts, soon to be available from

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